Guwahati: A study on “NORTHEAST PARADISE FOR TOURISM” has suggested the government of India to consider enhancing its budget by Rs.10,000 crores for tourism promotion in the north eastern region and develop, in coordination with respective state governments, two-tourist centre in each state and equip them with all necessary infrastructure.

The study jointly released by Dr D S Rawat chairman MSME Export Promotion Council and Mr Jigish Sonagara, founder & CEO BillMart Fintech has emphasized the need for further incentivizing the private sector with an attractive financial package for investing in the tourism promotion in the NER.

Once two-tourist centre in each state are developed, Mr Rawat said, 1.5 lakh new direct jobs and equal number of indirect jobs will be generated and this industry will be the largest job-provider. The tourism development will solve the increasing unemployment problem in the north east as it would generate huge direct and indirect jobs, create consumer markets, encourage start-ups and generate revenues for the state, he added.

The study has further suggested encouragement to the e-tourism and brands building for the entire tourism industry and also identification of prospective tourists, and in creating destination videos that appeal to the right tourists.

Innovation in tourism, as elsewhere, is indeed a collaborative action between governments, academia, corporations, micro, small and medium enterprises and startups, investors, supporting business partners and other stakeholders will be a boon for attracting the domestic as well as international tourists.

The study has tabulated and highlighted 20-facts about the Region which together will help in developing northeast as ‘destination for tourists’. These include “ sun can be seen first, largest & smallest river islands, availability of golden/muga silk, largest weaving village, safe haven for one-horned rhinos, unique mothers’-run market, wettest place, largest electric guitar ensemble, floating palace, etc”.

Stressing the need for ‘tourism market’, the study says, marketing plan is truly the road-map for attracting tourists. It needs budget allocation for promotional activities and at the end of each tourism season, one can use marketing plan to set goals and make changes for next season.

Since the tourism marketing nationally and internationally is expensive, therefore, the tourism promotional agencies set by the state governments should jointly undertake the responsibility.

Mr Jigish said BillMart has already launched a MSME GAIN (growth and intelligence network) with a vision to benefit one crore micro, small, and medium enterprises and start-ups with 100 crore hours of knowledge up-gradation by 2024. The endeavor is to empower businesses to decide the most suitable and customized financial solutions for their businesses.

He further added that on BillMart, lenders will compete among themselves to finance the growing businesses and MSMEs/start-ups to partner with their growth stories and solving the biggest problem of unpaid bills/trade receivables by deployment of advanced technology, smart contract, block-chain, deep data analysis and fostering growth of all stakeholders.